Services and Facilities

KTH Fabrications offer versatile solutions for all customer requirements.

As part of the expansion and growth of KTH Fabrications, a new premise were acquired in order to continue with the strengthening and progression of the business. The newly joint businesses soon out grew their previous space. Therefore, a new facility was acquired with over 60,000 square feet of manufacturing space making it the new base for KTH Fabrications.


The new facility allows KTH Fabrications to encompass more capabilities than ever before, including :

  • Large Segregated workings bays meaning the fabrication of different materials is properly segregated.

  • The space to fabricate materials up to 15 meters in length.

  • Lifting equipment including cranes up to 15 tonnes meaning heavy products can be handled.

  • Room for expansion has resulted in the growing number of personnel, now having over 35 employees.


KTH Fabrications offer unique, innovative services.

Coded Pipe Welding

KTH Fabrications specialise in coded pipe welding and offer this service in a number of materials :

  • 304 and 316 stainless steel

  • Duplex and super duplex stainless steel.

  • Hastelloy

  • Inconel

  • High Nickel Alloys

Fabrication Services

KTH Fabrications have fabricated various products.

  • Tanks

  • Vessels

  • Skids

  • Platforms

  • Framework for offices, restaurants, homes and factories

  • Machinery housing

  • Animal Cremators

Testing Services

In addition to the manufacturing services KTH Fabrications offer they also offer rigorous in-house testing services :

  • Visual Inspection

  • In-House Positive Material Identification Analysis

  • Liquid Penetrant Testing

  • Hydrostatic Testing

  • Radiographic Imaging

  • Non-Destructive Testing

  • Weld Inspection and endoscopy to Level 2

  • Ferrite Testing

Additional Services

KTH Fabrications have recently installed new top-grade infrastructure to offer unique services in addition to the core of the business, these services include :

  • KTH Shot Blast Facility

KTH Fabrications have recently installed brand new state of the art Shot Blast Facilities. These facilities are able to shot blast surface finish to a top grade of SA 3.0.

The facility is 6.5m x 4.2m x 4m completely serviced by two 10 tonne overhead cranes allowing an array of different size items to be finished.

Spray Booth Facility

An exceptional spray booth facility with working areas of 7m wide by 4m deep and 4m high has recently been installed. Equipped with 10 tonne overhead cranes enabling KTH Fabrications to routinely handle large fabrications or sub-assemblies in an efficient and safe manner.

Along with the painting facility, KTH also have a NACE qualified painter for all projects where customer require NACE specification painting. In addition, they now have a NACE Level 1 qualified inspection for the completed NACE Paint projects.