Quality is of the upmost importance to KTH Fabrications.

The fabrication industry is extremely competitive, with many companies striving to be at the forefront of the industry. KTH Fabrications ensure they are operating with quality at its core to ensure they are the number one choice for fabrication services.

Quality Systems and internal policies

In order to success in such a competitive industry, KTH Fabrications make sure quality is at the core of their operations. Therefore, constantly adhering to the renowned quality management system, ISO9001:2015.

All manufacturing at KTH Fabrications is controlled through the aforementioned quality management system, ensuring rigorous procedure is adhered to and enforced.

Alongside the quality management system KTH Fabrications manufacture with strict internal policies from quality, environmental and importantly Health and Safety. Working in a stringently controlled working environment where all materials and consumable to be quarantined and certified ensuring that even the smallest task is done at the highest degree of quality.

Industry Standards

Many projects carried out by KTH Fabrications include customers vital comprehensive quality requirements that must be followed when completing the project. These are usually particular weld procedures from:


  • ISO 3834-2:2005

  • BS EN 287-I:2011

  • NORSOK M601:2016

Other Accreditations

Along with the painting facilities, KTH also have a NACE Qualified and SSPC Silver standard painter. In addition, they also have NACE CIP Level 2 Certification for inspection, these attributes are very well received for jobs that require painting to higher standards.

  • PCN Level 2 non-destructive testing

  • NACE CIP Level 2 coatings inspection

  • Qualified health and safety to IOSH

  • SSPC Silver standard in actual painting.

Future Endeavours

KTH Fabrications are constantly striving for excellence therefore the work on the quality is continuous never stagnant.

The accreditation they are aiming to achieve in the near future are:

  • BS EN 1090 Accreditation

  • ISO45001:2018

  • ISO14001:2015

Constantly striving to increase the quality offered with inevitably contribute to the longevity of KTH Fabrications