KTH Fabrications has a rich history.

Before being acquired by the KTH Engineering Group the two fabrication companies were owned and operated separately for a culmination of 56 years, each creating their own forte in the fabrication industry.

Abacus Fabrications

Incorporated in 2005 and running as Abacus Fabrications until the merger and rebranding in 2016, Abacus Fabrications particularly specialised in the fabrication of tanks, skids and pipe-work systems for the petro-chemical, nuclear, pharmaceutical, oil and gas industries.

Abacus Fabrications became specialised in the services the provided because they had a wealth of experienced employees from code pipe welders, fabricators and through the ‘National Apprenticeship Scheme’ trained pipework engineers. At the forefront of this business were owners John and Mark whom between them have unrivalled experience within the industry and still to this day are shareholders of the new KTH Fabrications.

Abacus Fabrications offered the service of utilising multiple exotic materials, something rival companies did not offer giving Abacus their well-deserved niche in the market.

Davley Fabrications

Davley Fabrications Limited started over 45 years ago by David Wilson and Ian Uttley, using a combination of their names. Twenty years down the line, Ian Uttley’s son Michael took over the company in the 2000’s. Upon Michael's passing in 2016 Davley Fabrications were then acquired by the KTH Engineering group and rebranded to KTH Fabrications along with Abacus fabrications.

To begin with Davley’s specialised in fabricating large Vessels and tanks, doing so for many years. In more recent years they turned their specialism to the shopfitting industry, manufacturing architectural steelwork and stairs. Adding diversity to their product portfolio they have also manufacturered animal combustion chambers.

Over their 45-year history they established very important relationships with top profile companies including Weir Minerals and Bosch Rexroth.

Now operating as one, KTH Fabrications is in a period of rapid growth, renewal and investment.